10th SGS Annual Meeting | Magglingen | 8 to 9 February 2018

« Performance in Sport » 

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10th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Sport Science

Almost no other walk of life in the modern era revolves around performance to the extent that sport does: professional sports practitioners targeting victory in international competitions that attract only the very best; recreational sports practitioners seeking a new personal best in an annual long-distance event open to the general public; children taking their first-ever dive from the three-meter board; teenagers looking to pull off the most outrageous jump on their snowboard or skateboard; and older men and women checking their watches as they head off for a run in the forest.

Performance lies at the heart of modern sport. But sporting performance is also a topic of interest and a focus of research for sports scientists: on the one hand with a view to optimizing performance (“How do people achieve better sporting performance?”), and on the other from a human development perspective (“How do sporting achievements help people to develop?”).

The 10th annual SGS conference will throw the spotlight on the results and repercussions of the research and development work undertaken by the sports science community for performance in sport:

  1. How do the latest results of research from the various sports science disciplines impact on sporting performance?
  2. What are the repercussions of the latest research on sporting performance for potential target and user groups (e.g. athletes, pupils, coaches, managers, officials, etc.)?
  3. What impact is the latest research on sporting performance having for the social and indeed the natural environment?

We will be looking at these questions from a number of different sports science perspectives, with a view to triggering stimulating discussions and providing insightful answers.


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